Friday Vibes.



1. I got this shark costume for Charlotte and I can’t wait to get her to force wear it on Halloween!

2. Since food allergies are near and dear to my heart, it would be wonderful if you checked this post out and participated.

3. This will be my Halloween snack contribution.

4. I love their channel, and Anna really does look like Anna!

5. These Halloween treats for your tech are too cute.

6. This is probably my favorite makeup tutorial of the season.

7. I am the queen of horror movie wimpyness, so this is right up my alley.

8. I’ll be spending my Halloween night at this murder mystery dinner. Who dunnit?

9. These are all so good, I really love the Orbit model and the Instagrammer.

10. As excited as I am for tomorrow, it’s really only the kick-off to these festivities. Yass.

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