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It’s happening, guys. I’m taking ownership of this plant life. I will be a non-green thumber no more! I’ve decided that enough is enough, and if I’m going to keep wanting beautiful indoor plants in my home, I need to learn how to properly take care of them. So, as one does, I roamed the […]

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Nov 2

Happy Monday guys! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I know I did. Lots of knitting, cups of tea, some family time, and even the first sight of snow. Being a Floridian, this is obviously extremely exciting for me. I’ve been waking up every morning like a kid at Christmas! As 2019 grows […]

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My New Workout Routine: BBG

Oct 29

A year ago today. It all began a year ago today. Our story, our journey, our life together. Today is also Matt’s birthday. So funny that we “matched” and started chatting on his birthday. I thought it was fitting that I share our wedding day a year to the day we virtually met. It was […]

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Our Wedding Day

Oct 21

Ah, numerology. One of my favorite topics! I love anything related to personality traits, discovering more about yourself and others, and pretty much anything woo woo. It’s my jam. When I learned, years ago now, how to determine my life path number and read about it; it became one of my favorite “personality tests” as […]

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Numerology 101: Life Path Numbers

Oct 15

I saw the new knockout film by Bradley Cooper starring himself and Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born, the other day and I am completely touched by it. Or, shook, as the youngun’s these days call it. I want to preface this by saying that there were so many important topics discussed and shown in […]

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What “A Star Is Born” Taught Me About Sharing My Voice With the World

Oct 12

If you open any of my millions of journals, you’ll most likely find pages upon pages of quotes. It’s kind of my thing (no, it definitely is my thing) and I love them. It’s something about the inspiration you can feel from reading a small line or group of words that so completely connect to […]

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Quotes That Inspire Me

Oct 11

Oh, life and it’s many lessons. I didn’t realize how much my twenties would be about discovery. From who I was to who I wish to be, to who I am. It’s a crazy ride. As you guys know, this past year and a half has been one for the books for me. I’ve learned […]

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24 Lessons I’ve Learned

Oct 8

We swiped right. I came to England, he came to the U.S. We traveled the world, and the rest is history. Today we’re sharing all the details about how we met! From Tinder to “I love you’s” and all the good stuff in between. I figured it would be a lot more personal, and easier, […]

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How We Met

Oct 4

I’m mad about autumn, as you can tell. There’s something about the changing of seasons. The fresh, new air and that wonderful escape from the warm weather that leaves me with a constant smile. I think seasons are beautiful times of growth, change, and adjusting the sails of our sailboats of life. My mom always […]

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All About Autumn

Oct 3

Everything I believed, and put on myself, about life, kept me from embracing the journey of getting to the beautiful parts. The true magic. But on the other hand, it was those experiences and my outlook that make me feel wholeheartedly grateful for where my life has come from and where it is going.   […]

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Welcome Back!

Sep 29