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You know those times where you want a smoothie, but you don’t want to do all that cutting and slicing and prep work? Well, I have a solution for you… SMOOTHIE PACKS! It’s kind of like meal prep but for smoothies. You just grab all the ingredients (besides the liquid, that comes later), place them […]

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What’s the second best combination on earth? Peanut butter and banana. What’s the first? Almond butter and banana. You got that right. This smoothie is a powerhouse of salty almond butter with creamy banana and sweet apple. Add in some almond milk, honey, and vanilla for extra flavor and you’ve got yourself a B.A.B (banana […]

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Bananas and coconut together should be a sin. My dad’s two favorite desserts are coconut cream cake and banana pie, and my mom is constantly trying to recreate his favorite restaurant’s banana cream pie. She’s convinced that she can make the best banana pie. But unfortunately for me, it involves a lot of milk (I […]

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Hello green peach smoothie bowl, aka what dreams are make of. I wanted my first “official” post to be food because that’s where my blogging journey began. I started as a food photographer & blogger, and so when I decided to transition into lifestyle blogging I knew that food would remain extremely important to me. I pretty […]

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