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Great friendship is such a special part of life, especially as you’re growing up and finding your unique spot in the world. I met my best friend, Sydney, before we were born. Yep, you read that right. Our parents became close friends when both of our mom’s were pregnant with us, and ever since I […]

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Happy Monday Everyone! Meet my friend, Kylie.¬†She enjoys long walks on the beach, the middle seat, and really good corndogs. One of the first videos I wanted to make on my YouTube channel was the Disney Song Challenge. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with all things Disney, and because of that, I […]

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Now that summer is in full gear, I wanted to make a list of some of the things I can’t miss doing during these next few months. 1. Ride my bike to town for a big cup of my favorite orange flavored shaved ice. 2. Spend an entire day at the beach with a really […]

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Five Things.

June 5, 2015

What a whirlwind this week has been! With the launch of the blog and getting into the swing of posting each day, it’s been a busy time, to say the least. But a happy one too! This weekend I have some friends coming into town, and will spend the next few days relaxing on the […]

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It’s Launch Day!

June 1, 2015

Happy Monday! I’m Hunter, and welcome to my blog. This little space on the internet has been a long time coming. I created the idea late last summer when I wanted to make an online world that includes all the things that make me happy. I’ve been a writer my entire life and I’ve kept […]

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