• 35 pages of lessons and worksheets you can print out and complete such as color palettes, vision boards, a monthly planner, and more.

• Learn about the sustainable fashion world with facts about fashion's role in sustainability and how you can make a real impact - for free. 

• A game plan for going through your closet (Marie Kondo style) and how to implement what you've learned.

What's included?

This guide will give you everything you need to know about finding your individual style, curating your closet, and realistic impactful tips for consciously shopping in the future.

Every morning you stand in front of your closet feeling overwhelmed yet uninspired. It takes you forever to pick what to wear for the day and once you have, you spend the rest of your day questioning if you even like what you're wearing. Tops blend together in a sea of colors and patterns while your pants are overpacked in the drawers. Your dresses are hung like sardines lined up along the hangers. You end up constantly wearing 3 or 4 of the same outfits because it's what you see and you just don't want to deal with anything else. The clutter bleeds into your own life in ways you don't even realize, and it starts over again every morning.

Sound familiar? 

I know it does for me. I lived like this for years, subconsciously not realizing how much my wardrobe was taking over my life. And then I discovered sustainable fashion. As someone who always had a plant-based diet and cared about the environment, I never realized my penchant for weekend shopping at Forever 21 and Zara was negatively impacting the world in ways I couldn't even imagine. Suddenly, I realized I needed to change, and that my closet would change with it. 

It didn't happen overnight. Far from it. Over the next few years I would only add lasting styles that I knew I would wear while getting rid of pieces that no longer served me. And on a bigger scale, an emotional shift happened. I felt less anxious, more clear-headed, and confident in the way I was presenting myself to the world. I then realized, this could happen for anyone. Not only can it shift the way we view the world, but we can also make an impact in our own lives. All because of our closets. It sounds kind of silly, doesn't it? But to me, it's been transformative. 

So, I set out to create a resource that would inspire others to do the same. I've developed a 35-page guide on how to create a simple sustainable style with what you already own. And the beautiful thing is that it won't take you years like me to craft a wardrobe that makes you feel authentically you each and every day. It won't take you hours of research to learn about why sustainability is important. And it won't cost you thousands of dollars to completely transform your closet. It's already there, within you and within those overpacked drawers, and I'm here to help you begin.

• ... and SO much more.

I would rather you show up imperfectly every day of your life than be stuck in the perfection wheel and never actually start. That's why I'm all about the ISH lifestyle. Sustainable-ish. Woo woo-ish. Slow living-ish. This space is a home for you to learn about living authentically in a way that feels simple, effective, and approachable for you -- wherever you are in your journey.

Sustainable fashion has been a passion of mine for years now (I've even created an entire sustainable fashion company with a friend!) but I've also learned that during those years, it's changed and become a complex topic. So, what I create isn't only for people who can afford or are interested in sustainable fashion, but rather people who want to experience the everyday more intentionally. Thank you for being here.


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