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/// My party trick

/// My family

I know every word to every Disney song, ever. 

I've also taken over 100 trips to Disney by the time I was 10 (grew up in South Florida), Belle is my inner spirit animal and everything I strive to be (and then realized I became, minus the monster, unless Matt hasn't had his morning cup of tea). 

I'm married to a hot Brit with the best Northeastern accent, and we share the sweetest pup, Charlotte.

Our love story is such a whirlwind, but one I wouldn't change for anything. We love to make up "Charlotte" voices and imagine what she's saying to us. Matt is obsessed with all things gaming and we are complete opposites yet so much the same.

/// My Travels

/// My work

I've traveled to 53 countries, so far.

My favorites being England (obvs), Italy, Australia, and Ireland. On the agenda for 2019 includes India and Peru. Since I was homeschooled growing up, and my dad worked for a company overseas, we spent a ton of time traveling. I honestly believe travel changes you, and opens your eyes to a such a more open, worldview. It's one of my favorite accomplishments and experiences. 

I have a degree in screenwriting and I do marketing, web design, and social media for other cool companies.

I was homeschooled from second grade pretty much until I graduated (oh and my mom built a school for me called Ohana Institute). I always believed in taking the road less traveled in terms of my education and career path, and it's led me to a life most people dream about. I'm incredibly lucky, grateful, and want to help pave the way so others can do the same.



/// I'm a novice plant lady


/// I'm all woo-woo


/// First and foremost, I write

My favorite book is Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss (read it if you're searching for MORE). I regularly see homeopaths, get reiki done, been hypnotized, taken a meditation course, taken herbal remedies from a Chinese doctor, and am always up for any "woo woo" experience (which I absolutely believe works and changes lives). 

When I added live plants to our home, it completely changed how it felt. I love all things hygge, and plants are one of the easiest ways to achieve that coziness (along with candles, incense, essential oils, blankets, a good book, and the perfect mood lighting). Now if I could only figure out how not to kill all my plants in the first six months.

Writing is my superpower. I've written daily in journals since I was 12, and I love to take pieces of writing and turn them into masterfully woven stories. I have a master's certificate in songwriting and degree in screenwriting. It's something that comes easily to me, and gives me such a unique view on my feelings, experiences and the world. 

If you'd like to know more, shoot me an email at hunter@alwayshunter.com

Bribe me with a bag of skittles and I'll tell you anything you'd like to know.