Summer Capsule – Day 22/30

Style hot tip: keep your hair tucked into your sweater or jacket for an extra chic look. I wore this…

Summer Capsule – Day 19/30

What I love about today’s look is that it’s actually something I wore while pregnant (I have a maternity capsule…

Summer Capsule – Day 18/30

Happy Tuesday! I normally like to start my week strong on Monday by getting a plan together and getting a…

Summer Capsule – Day 17/30

Some days I wake up and am excited to play “dress up” in my closet. I put on a dress…

Summer Capsule – Day 14/30

I may be biased, but I love this look. It’s easy, breezy, beautiful (finish that sentence) but really it’s just…

Summer Capsule – Day 12/30

I think it’s time to switch things up! Today I’m sharing a going-out outfit from my summer capsule (check out…

Summer Capsule – Day 11/30

(the side-eye my child is giving me in this picture is cracking me up) Decided to go for another look…

Summer Capsule – Day 10/30

It’s our final travel day! We are heading home today. It always feels so bittersweet to me because I love…

Summer Capsule – Day 8/30

Not pictured: my husband carrying 84727 extra bags because we’re traveling with an 8-month-old. We’ve left Colorado and are slowly…

Summer Capsule – Day 7/30

The hills are alive, with the sound of music… Ha! I do feel like I’m in my own movie starring…

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