What do I want my blog to feel like? Cozy, like coming home. Where you can breathe a sigh of relief in “ah, I don’t have to do things the traditional running from dusk to dawn anymore. There’s a different way. It’s easier on me, it’s kinder to the planet, and it allows me to be my fullest self.”

I believe living a life of intention looks different for everyone, but is completely possible for anyone. I don't want you to get hung up on the perfection game of, "well if I'm not vegan than why even try to deal with climate change" or "I'm so busy I could never live the life I truly want". I'm here to show you that intentional living is available to you in any stage of life by implementing whatever tips & tricks I share that resonate with you.

Making magic through Intentional Living to Elevate the everyday

Meet Hunter

Welcome Friends

I was born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida, but when I met my British husband and spent the last three years traveling to Northeast England, I discovered the world of slow living. Suddenly, there was a word for the way I wanted to live my life that was in tune with the Earth and with myself. Along with living a slower life, I also delved deep into sustainability, spirituality, and self-care. How I live now I like to call intentional living because I've chosen to craft a life with conscious intention, and I've never felt more fulfilled. 

I never wanted a typical life



I've always been a tea lover, but because of my dairy allergy and never able to find great milk alternatives, I'd usually just go for something herbal. That is, until I discovered oat milk and my world changed. Now, I jump up every morning and rush downstairs to make a big earl grey latte. It's my favorite ritual.




Whether it's along the white sandy beaches of Florida or the cliffside beaches of England, I love taking a moment to connect with the water. Considering our bodies are made of over 70% water, I truly believe connecting with that energy everyday creates such a grounded, rooted feeling in our souls.

A Walk by the ocean



My pandemic accomplishment was learning how to create a sourdough starter and bake bread. While my husband and I were separated for 6 months during this time, focusing on bread was a welcome distraction and it's something I love to continue doing every weekend.

Sourdough Bread



Mmm, back to my roots. As a writer, journaling has always been my way of expressing myself. While most of my Instagram captions now feel like mini journal entries, I still love to jot pen to paper and get out my feelings. Plus, I always imagine my grandchildren or great-grandchildren reading them through. 

My Journaling Routine



There's no greater joy I feel than spending quality time with my husband and our dog, Charlotte. They fill my heart tank and make me feel immense gratitude for this beautiful life I get to live. Plus, they both make me laugh until my stomach hurts. Everyday with them is a gift I hope to never take for granted.

Time With my Husband and Puppy

The Moments That I Cherish


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