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48 Hours In London

November 18, 2018

To be fair, it was more than 48 hours, I just think that sounds cooler. Forgive me? My friend Lindsey and I had the best time in London and I’m just not ready to move on from it, so I wanted to write up this post with all our photos and some extra little moments […]

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Tourists for the Day

August 24, 2017

Ever since my visit in February, Amsterdam feels very much like “my place” to visit. I feel comfortable there and at home. During our summer trip, I took my family all around the city. We walked from one end to the other, and on this particular day, we took a fun boat ride down the […]

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Getting to go back to Amsterdam after taking my “breakdown trip” (that’s what I’ve decided to call my pre-life crisis) felt like such good closure, but also bright in that my future is unknown, shit is scary, but I can go to that place of uneasiness and still return. Being there with my family and […]

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My family and I are on a three week getaway in Europe and have started our trip in my favorite place; Amsterdam! Our day began with a delicious breakfast in the city of Amsterdam, then we boarded the ferry to head to the countryside. A short and free ferry ride across the water straight from […]

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Snow Day

February 20, 2017

I’ve heard it rarely snows in Amsterdam, and even more rarely ever sticks. So when both happened a few weekends ago I was beyond excited! I love the contrast of the city colors with the whiteness of the snow, and seeing all the action going on around town was crazy fun! I loved watching Charlotte […]

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Hi Everyone! Long time no talk. Well, if you follow me on YouTube then we will have talked. But if you’re just a blog reader, sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. To be honest, I have had some mental health struggles the last few months and I needed to take a step back from […]

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Disney World Vlogs

September 20, 2016

A few weekends ago we went to Disney World for an early birthday celebration for me, but really just an excuse to see my sister Hannah and her best friend Sydney for a few days! Both our families met up and we had the absolute best time! We rode rides, ate some great food, found […]

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The last stop on my family vacation this summer was one of my favorite places in the world, Telluride Colorado. I have spent countless months in this incredible town with some of the most amazing people, I have snowboarded up every run and fallen getting off a few chairlifts. I’ve mountain biked with friends, I […]

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Hello everyone! This past month I’ve spent traveling with my family. We started in L.A. and our next stop was Seattle. Since I have so many food allergies and like to eat a plant-based diet, I always look for vegan & gluten-free restaurants in the cities we visit. Seattle was like a gold mine for […]

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Hi guys and happy Monday! I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend. I spent the first part of my weekend in Telluride, Colorado with my family on the last stop of our summer trip. We just chilled all weekend, hung out with friends, and did some hiking. It was so fun and really rejuvenating to […]

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