Friday Vibes.

Friday Things 2

1. I need these lemon macarons in my life, like, yesterday.

2. So while I was in the airport the other day, I found The Honest Company products in one of those vending machine booths. I got so excited and (somehow) ended up going back to my seat holding eight different items because I kept getting freebies, including a huge pack of 72 baby wipes that refused to fit in my purse. I’m not going to talk about the weird looks I got on the plane.

3. Brookstone’s eye mask is the bomb dot com. Seriously guys, I wake up some mornings thinking it’s still night because of how good it is.

4. I’ve been feeling pretty swamped the last few days. I think I need therapy for “how to be an adult.” The hard part about it is that I’m so in love with life right now, so maybe I need therapy for “how to be a thankful mess?”

5. Kylie bought this gaucho jumpsuit the other day and I just kept asking her why, even though she loved it. And then I find this post this morning. Is it bad that I kind of like it? Karma.

6. I joined Hilary Rushford’s Instagram with Intention VIP Facebook page a few weeks ago, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Join in on the fun!

7. Go see The Avengers: Age of Ultron NOW. It’s the best movie all year.

8. I’m having serious withdrawals after finally catching up with my two favorite shows, Scandal and Once Upon A Time. I read a really good review about True Detective. Should I try it?

9. Let’s talk makeup. Bare Essentials Complexion Rescue is my new jam. Another fav is Benefit Roller Lash, it stays on so well and then the second I put a wash cloth to it before bed it just melts right off. One thing I just can’t seem to fall in love with is the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. I think I’m doing something wrong. Help me.

10. It’s all becoming real! If Fuller House is anything like the original, it’s going to be amazing!

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  1. 6.10.17
    Maria said:

    Hey, just read that you joined the Instagram with Intention VIP Group 🙂
    Im thinking about getting the Instagram with intention class, can you recommend that? Im thinking about the VIP group as well, but i’m from germany and need to build a network in germany and not worldwide, so i’m not sure ift that’s the right thing for me. But anyway, it would be really great if you can say something about the class itself as i hardly find any reviews of it 🙂
    Lots of thanks!

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