Friday Vibes.





1. Hello new curtains, my inner five year old is rejoicing.

2. Waiting for my nail polish to dry and so in love with this shade.

3. I’ve been burning the heck out of this pumpkin candle and am so happy it’s socially acceptable to have fall scents now.

4. Started reading this and feel like my eyes are being peeled open, in a good way.

5. I’m bringing the turtleneck trend back this fall, starting with this. YASS.

6. Let’s talk Homeland. It’s the new show Jordin and I have been watching and we’re obsessed. We literally binged watched five episodes the other day and can’t stop won’t stop. We’re in the middle of season two, so no spoilers please.

7. I’ve been in a soup mood lately, and this one is next on my list.

8. I go with the approach that it’s just too hot, and when it cools down I’ll start working out again. Don’t tell anyone that I live in Florida. Mkay.

9. In case you missed it, I was interviewed by Haileigh from Heyrosa last week. Check it outtt.

10. If you’re planning on celebrating this labor day weekend, try adding one of these delicious vegan treats to your menu.



Friday Vibes.


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