It’s Launch Day!

Happy Monday! I’m Hunter, and welcome to my blog.

This little space on the internet has been a long time coming.

I created the idea late last summer when I wanted to make an online world that includes all the things that make me happy. I’ve been a writer my entire life and I’ve kept journals for as long as I can remember, but I wanted to be able to combine my writing with all the other things I’m passionate about, and then foster a community of like-minded dreamers and do-ers.

I quickly set out in search of a website designer to bring my ideas to life, and found Katelyn Brooke Designs. Kate immediately knew what I was looking for in a space to call home, and I felt like whatever was in my head, she could pull out and create beautifully. I also enlisted the help of a very close friend of mine, Katie Smith (I must love the Kate’s!), to design an illustration for me. It was important to me that the girl you see resembles me, but isn’t too specific so that anyone can see themselves in her.

And with that, close to a year later, here we are.

Starting tomorrow and continuing (hopefully) every weekday, I’ll be posting all different topics such as fashion, beauty, food, drinks, travel, and just life in general. Make sure to check back tomorrow for my first post!

So that you can get to know me a little better…

Here’s five quick things about me:

  1. Air-popped popcorn and skittles are my signature snacks.
  2. Taylor Swift and Disney songs are pretty much the only music I listen to.
  3. I’ve traveled to over 25 different countries.
  4. I have a dairy allergy.
  5. My favorite nights are spent curled up on the couch with my dog and a really good episode of Scandal.

While waiting for tomorrow’s post, click on my social media buttons to get to know me a little better. You can also find me on Snapchat @alwayshunterb and you can follow my puppy, Charlotte, on Instagram @sheepadoodlecharlotte. Take a look around and comment below to show a little love!

Thank you so much for being here.

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About Hunter

I'm a 30A-based creator that shares about how to find and curate your unique style. I'm a lover of linen, shades of green, and my morning cup of tea. I'm also a new mom who has been rocking the coastal grandmother look since '93. Welcome to my home on the web, I'm so glad you're here!

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  1. 6.1.15
    Draven Johnston said:

    Hey Hunter, Everything looks so good! I’m so excited to see what tomorrow and more!

    • 6.1.15
      Hannah Burgtorf said:

      Hey, Hunter! Looks good! Can’t wait to see everything you plan on doing. Love you!

      • 6.1.15
        Hunter said:

        Thanks Hannah! Love you!

    • 6.1.15
      Hunter said:

      Thank you so much McKenzie!

  2. 6.1.15
    kyflies said:

    Wow! Love this website! So fresh and clean! Beautiful aesthetic! Oh and the content is great!

    • 6.1.15
      Hunter said:

      You’re awesome, Kylie! Sending you a big virtual hug!

  3. 6.1.15
    Alyssa said:

    It has turned out so amazing!! I have been waiting for this to launch for so long!! Everything looks amazing and I am excited to follow your journey through this blog!!

    • 6.1.15
      Hunter said:

      Thanks Alyssa for your support! It means the world to me.

  4. 6.1.15
    Jodie Davis said:

    Yeah, Hunter!!! The site looks awesome! And I LOVE the video … personally, I believe all of those video journals prepared you for that beautiful moment! 😉

    • 6.1.15
      Hunter said:

      You know it! Thank you so much, Jodie!

  5. 6.1.15
    Cindi said:

    Congratulations Hunter! The site really looks beautiful, love, love the video introduction too! Excited to follow your journey!

    • 6.1.15
      Hunter said:

      Thank you so much Cindi! I really appreciate your support!

  6. 6.1.15

    Congratulations on the launch of your blog! It looks great! Welcome to the community.
    ♥Heather and Melissa

    • 6.1.15
      Hunter said:

      Thanks Heather and Melissa! I’m super excited!

  7. 6.1.15
    Natalie said:

    Very nice blog! Kate did a wonderful job! I have a dairy allergy too and have recently gone vegan. I can’t wait to read more of your blog and what’s to come 🙂

    • 6.1.15
      Hunter said:

      Thanks Natalie! Kate is amazing!

      Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve actually been plant-based on and off for most of my life, so I’m excited to try some of your recipes! And most of my recipes on here will be vegan/vegetarian too!

      • 6.2.15
        Natalie said:

        This is so awesome! I really love meeting other vegans/vegetarians. I swear it’s that exciting. I feel like a kid meeting a friend that loves the same color as I do. Weird huh? LOL

        • 6.2.15
          Hunter said:

          Haha, I totally know what you mean! It’s super exciting!

  8. 6.1.15
    Torie said:

    Hey Hunter! Love your design, Kate did an awesome job! I’m excited to see what happens in your little corner of the blog world! 🙂 I’m getting ready for a rebrand launch myself, so if you want a bloggy friend I’d love to chat! 🙂

    • 6.1.15
      Hunter said:

      Thank you Torie! Kate is amazing!

      Congrats on your blog launch, I can’t wait to see it!
      For sure! Shoot me an email, [email protected]. Thanks again!

  9. 6.1.15
    Ashley Bell said:

    The blog is beautiful! Love the aesthetic! Congrats!

    • 6.1.15
      Hunter said:

      Thank you Ashley! I’m so glad you like it 🙂

  10. 6.2.15
    Amy said:

    I started my day listening to you and seeing the beauty of your new blog. It was my sunshine this morning because it represents you so well. So proud of you! I have never seen you more excited or joy filled. Excited to read your posts, try your recipes, and take my beauty and fashion to a whole new LEVEL!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 6.2.15
      Hunter said:

      Thank you so much Mrs. Amy! I am so excited and happy that it’s finally up! Thank you for your support! 🙂

  11. 6.2.15
    stephanie godwin said:

    So fun to see you!! Congratulations and best wishes for a huge success.
    Love that you always follow your dreams. You are beautiful and we can’t
    wait to follow you:) Stephanie & Ali

    • 6.2.15
      Hunter said:

      Aw, thanks for checking it out! Thank you so much for your support. Hope you all are doing well!

  12. 7.24.15

    I understand just how you feel. Great post.

  13. 8.13.15

    You’re blog is beautiful and I love your style of writing – It’s so warm and easy to read xox

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