My Holiday Candle Collection



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Now that the nights are getting colder, the blankets getting warmer, and the fire burning brightly… I’m sure you’re looking for some signature holiday scents to get you through the next few weeks. And I’ve got the answer for you!

I love burning candles all year long, and throughout the last few months I’ve been finding the best holiday candles out there. I have a fake (but pretty!) white tree this year, so I’ve been looking for some really good tree scents that will make my house smell like there’s a giant freshly cut tree sitting in the middle of my living room. I also love anything spicy sweet, so I’ve got a few of those as well. I’ve also included some neutral scents to round out the smells and keep everything fresh. Between all these candles, my house basically smells like a Christmas wonderland! Here is my holiday candle collection.

Note: ignore the giant black lines I get on my nose halfway through from the candle smoke. Sometimes life just throws you some curveballs.

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My Holiday Candle Collection


  1. Kelsie says:

    I have a fake tree this year too, and I’ve been using spruce scented candles to make the house smell like fresh pine! Great minds think alike! Have a great Christmas!! 😀


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