My Sustainable Fashion Wishlist

By slowly switching to a more sustainable closet, I’ve noticed that I’ve been buying a lot less frequently and really focusing on wearing and loving what I already have or any new purchases. I think the two main factors to this are:

  1. Sustainable pieces are more expensive. That’s because they are actually factoring in the costs to use high-quality, clean sourced materials along with paying their employees and everyone involved in the production line a fair and living wage.
  2. I realize that in the past I’ve bought based on instant gratification rather than what I actually will love over time. When I saw a dress hanging in the window, I instantly wanted it and if it was cheap would naturally gravitate towards it even if it’s not really my style. Now, I spend more time curating wishlists and thinking about how that piece will go with what’s already in my closet, so I buy less but more intentionally.

These days, I’ve got a running list of pieces I would love to buy and I like to just ruminate on them for a while. I’ll save the image to my phone and if I find myself continuing to think about it, imagining myself in it, and returning to the photo over the next few weeks or months, then I know it’s something I will cherish and is worth buying. So, I wanted to share those pieces I’ve currently been saving and thinking about, and who knows, maybe they’ll make their way into my closet soon.

My Sustainable Fashion Wishlist

Spell & The Gypsy

Dahlia Ra-Ra Play Dress // Dahlia Strappy Dress  // Amethyst Garden Party Dress

Christy Dawn

The Dahlia Dress // The Noella Dress // The Mia Jumper


Rose Top // Leon Top // Altheda Sweater

Elizabeth Suzann

Clyde Work Short // Florence Pant // Clyde Trench

 Gudrun Sjödén

Wool Cardigan // Dress in Organic Linen Chambray // Dress in Organic Cotton


Linen Top OLD LONDON // Midi Linen Skirt // Drop Shoulder Linen Dress

Lucy and Yak

Organic ‘Umi’ Cotton Dungarees in Light Grey // ‘Luna’ Organic Twill Cotton Dungarees in Taffy Pink // ‘Remi’ Wide Leg Dungarees in Blue Stripe


Wide Leg Crop Pant // The Day Loafer // The Renew Long Puffer

Wholesome Culture

Plant These, Save The Bees Long Sleeve Tee // Bloom Where You Are Planted Tee // The Ones in Need Are The Best Breed Sweatshirt

All of these brands represent the amazing movement of going more sustainable, and I love supporting them. All these pieces are so cute, and hopefully I can start crossing off my wishlist soon. Let me know: what’s on your sustainable fashion wishlist currently?



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