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2016 is proving to be quite a whirlwind year so far. This is going to sound so “typical 20’s girl” saying, but I’ve been telling everyone that this is the first year that I clearly remember things that happened a significant amount of time ago (like hello 10 years, you just creeped right on up). Like, before this year I didn’t have many huge life moments that had happened that long ago, but now I’m like, “I graduated four years ago, what?!” and “I remember when I went to…” kind of moments. These past few months have been filled with fun chaos, so I wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to.

Travel Adventures


Whew have I been around the world, literally. Earlier this year I went on a huge trip to Asia and the South Pacific (I’ve shared the Asia pictures on here, but haven’t finished up editing the ones from Australia and New Zealand yet!).


Then a few weeks ago, I spent a week on the road with my sister’s school program, Rock On The Road. It’s a student-led rock tour across the southeast where the kids book the venues, map out our schedule, budget and raise money, etc. I was along for the ride to chaperone and take some pictures, and it was so much fun. I am beyond proud of those kids, and you should totally follow them on Instagram as they plan for next year’s tour.


The next trip on the horizon is to a wedding for one of my childhood friends. It’s my first wedding I’ve ever been to where a friend is getting married (versus a family member or my parents friend) and I am so excited. Then, in July my family is going on a two-week trip, but we’ve yet to nail down specific locations so stay tuned. Jordin will also be spending the summer playing golf in the Dakotas Tour, so I’ll be taking a few small trips up to see him. Exciting stuff!

Graduation Season

Jordin's Graduation 22

This spring, both my sister and boyfriend graduated! Jordin graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Business.

And Hannah graduated high school with plans to attend Belmont University in the fall! I am so unbelievably proud and excited for both of them and it was a great time to spend with them celebrating being done with that journey of their education.



Last year I had the coolest opportunity to do an internship with a high schooler named Haileigh. She wanted to start blogging and growing her photography. We spent a semester doing things like creating vision boards, laying out her blog plan and design, and coming up with fun ideas for mine. By the end of our internship, we both loved it so much that I couldn’t imagine not continuing working together… so Haileigh recently joined the Always, Hunter team where she helps me film videos each week, take blog post photos, help me brainstorm on ideas, and much more. I am thrilled to have her!

Time For Friends

Now that we’re entering the summer season, all of my friends are arriving home for college break! I am so happy to hug all their sweet faces and spend some good quality time catching up. Friends are the best.

New In Beauty


So yesterday I did a sneaky little deed and got eyelash extensions! I’ve been wanting them for forever as my natural eyelashes are basically little stumps and I loved the no-makeup makeup look they give. I decided to go crazy and get the dramatic lashes, and so far I am in love with them! I plan on doing a video talking about my experience and such after I’ve had them for a little while. Let me know in the comments if that would be something you might be interested in.

Let me know in the comments if that would be something you might be interested in.

Reading Mania


As part of my “intentional life” decisions (i.e., things I do to make myself feel good like making sleep a priority, exercising regularly, and cooking at home more), I’ve been reading for at least 30 minutes before bed each night. The one I’ve been working through most recently is Glass Sword, which is the second book to the Red Queen series. Oh has it been good! I also have Calm by Michael Acton Smith on my bedside table and Eat Pretty, Live Well to switch it up some. Reading at night has literally changed my sleeping habits and I feel so much more rested than when I have Snapchat splurge nights (though I can’t deny loving a great late night Snapchat watching session).

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