Quotes That Inspire Me

If you open any of my millions of journals, you’ll most likely find pages upon pages of quotes. It’s kind of my thing (no, it definitely is my thing) and I love them. It’s something about the inspiration you can feel from reading a small line or group of words that so completely connect to you and your deepest feelings it feels magical.

Once Pinterest came along, I remember spending hours upon hours just pinning quote after quote. You can check out my Pinterest board here.

When my friends are feeling down or going through tough times, I love to find some super relatable quotes and send them to help cheer them up. Over the years, I can’t even tell you how many friends have given me handmade quote pictures to hang on my walls for my birthday or Christmas. So today I thought it would be nice to share quotes that have inspired me lately and that I’ve been turning to when I need that extra boost. I hope at least one might connect with you, and give you that virtual hug we all need sometimes. All my love!

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