Road Trippin’



Happy Monday everyone! I am super excited because by the end of this week, I will be done with summer classes and be entering a month-long school break before fall classes start up. As my degree program goes along, every class becomes more tough and time-consuming. It’s been so cool to learn as much as I have and explore the art of writing (I’m majoring in Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media) but it’s also been a huge challenge. Needless to say, I’m ready for a break to have some extra time to focus on this here blog and my YouTube channel.

As the posts from my summer shenanigans are reaching an end (I have one more outfit post from Telluride going up on Wednesday), I wanted to share my last trip vlog with you. After leaving Telluride, my family and I parted ways as I flew to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to visit Jordin. We’ve been in a long-distance relationship for the past four years and with his golf, we are looking ahead at definitely more time spent apart. But I love how passionate he is about this sport and how much he loves doing it, so it’s just a challenge we take on happily. This time we had spent about three weeks apart, and I was itching to see him! After his last tournament, we decided to hop in the car and spend 18 hours together road tripping back home. We almost ripped each other’s heads off a few times, laughed even more, and had such fun just being together, the two of us. I thought it would be fun to vlog our ride back, and so here it is.

Enjoy and I hope you have a great week ahead! Also, I’m currently in the process of planning out fall/holiday content, so if you’d love to see something up on the blog or YT, please comment down below and let me know!



Road Trippin’


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