Sunny Days in Los Angeles


If you know me, you know that change is not the easiest thing for me. I decided to stay home and study online rather than go off to a college somewhere, I live in a little house that’s practically in my parents back yard, and I spend my weekends doing activities with my family. With that being said, my little sister Hannah is leaving the next this fall for her own adventures in college and so we are spending these few weeks doing a family vacay before new and exciting changes take place. I’ve found myself savoring every second a little more than usual and hugging my sister a little tighter. Even though so much will stay the same, Hannah will visit tons, and life will continue on. This phase will change, for the better, and it’s bittersweet to see it go.

I’ve decided to vlog this trip so that I can keep these memories fresh and always available to come back to, and it’s been so much fun dragging the camera along for the ride. Our first stop was Los Angeles and we had an absolute blast. Here’s what our first few days looked like! We also went to Disneyland one day and that gets its own vlog later this week.

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