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Because I’ve probably driven everyone I know crazy after completely raving about the new Target collections popping up this Autumn, I figured it was time to blab about it some more on my blog. I’ve recently moved, and since the last time I furnished a place was almost four years ago, I am pretty much starting from scratch again style wise. I had this dream of making my living room super modern and clean, with whites and light golds and soft pastels, and then I realized that it really isn’t my style, number one, and also doesn’t mix well with a puppy that loves to play in the dirt. I love coziness. I live for warming teas, big blankets, and relaxing nights in curled up on the couch. So, shouldn’t my home’s style be reflective of that?

I was pretty much lost on what to put in my new space, until my local Target began getting this season’s products in and everything changed. I never realized how much a pillow can do to your life until I placed my first pillow on my half way done couch, and I instantly jumped for joy. It completely transformed my living room and gave me a starting point for how to build my style. Thankfully, most of the other items I was looking for were also at Target, and they automatically matched the style of the pillows. After a few days of Target trips and buying half the home section, I am so stinking pleased with how everything is coming together. I’m still working on getting my couch and dining room bench recovered, and I need new drapes, but aesthetically, it totally fits who I am and what I was looking for.

I highly recommend stocking up on whatever Target’s got right now (unless you live near me, in that case I’ve already bought it all), because I am in love with it. And not only the homeware, but the clothing, dog supplies, kitchen stuff, and so much more. They’re just right now.

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to cuddle up with my fuzzy blanket and bask in my new living room glory. I think this is what heaven might feel like.

Products Mentioned

Copper Desk Lamp with Marble Base // Accent Rug // Gray Lumbar Pillow // Gather Lumbar Pillow (similar here) // Hand Woven Kilim Pillow // Plaid Throw // Decorative Whitewash Tray // Fig Candle // Copper Decorative Figurine // Potted Faux Plant (similar here) // Stag Head

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  1. 10.23.15

    Such a wonderful post!I just moved as well and while I love looking at minimal white decor, I am also all about the coziness so I have to be realistic!! Also your dog is adorable:)

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