The Conservatorium Hotel



After a day of museum hopping, it’s definitely time for an afternoon snack. Leaving the hustle and bustle of museumplein is also nice, and I found the perfect place to get away from it all, enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, and chomp on some fresh Dutch fries.

If you are looking at the museums straight on, down the street to the left is a hotel nestled in between brick buildings called The Conservatorium Hotel. Walking down the cobbled road, it looks like you’re entering another world or some hidden castle, but once you step into the hotel you’ll be in a luxury spot with the brasserie and lounge straight ahead.

Both my parents decided to get fancy and order steaks, whereas I went with the club sandwich and Hannah got a burger. The fries were some of my favorite during the entire trip (with that mayonnaise too… yum). Also, they offer a full afternoon tea menu if you’d like to make a whole occasion out of it. But make sure to make reservations beforehand so they can prep!

When we finished our afternoon snack and some ice cold drinks, we headed back for an afternoon at the museums.



The Conservatorium Hotel


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