The Sustainable Gift Guide For Her

the sustainable gift guide for her

The sustainable gift guide below contains affiliate links, meaning that by purchasing an item through the link on my post, I would receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting me this holiday season. 

In my opinion, you’re either the kind of person who does everything last minute or the one who has it all good to go months in advance. I’m the first. And if you’re anything like me, you’re just now getting your Christmas gift list together. With Black Friday coming up, I thought it might be helpful to put together a few guides for all things sustainable that are also super cute/cool/perfect gifts for the season. I’m starting with the gift guide for her because let’s be honest, it’s all the things I would secretly love under the tree myself.

What’s special about this guide is that you can feel really good about gift-giving this season when you know something you’ve bought comes from a transparent storefront that truly matches style with values. I encourage you to at least buy one thing for each family member sustainably and support local because that’s where the true act of giving comes from. Here are some favorites of mine:

Macrame Wall Hanging // I love decorating a space with texture rather than just flat photos all the time, and this wall hanging would be perfect to add a bit of pizzazz to any room. Made by a small company on Etsy called Teddy and Wool. Definitely check out their fiber dyed pieces as well. Or, if you’re super crafty you could always make one of these yourself.

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Veja Esplar Velcro Sneakers // Veja’s are having a real moment and I am here for it. This sustainable brand is really the first eco shoewear company to go mainstream. In Europe, I swear every other person is wearing a pair and the velcro ones are my favorite because they’re so easy to pop on, plus they go with everything. I love to wear a slim fit sneaker with a longer dress or more formal outfit to make it a bit more relaxed.

Jars of Dust Mug – $36 // Pottery is my favorite gift item because it’s timeless, can be passed down through generations, and you’re also supporting an artist who truly crafts each piece with love. I took a pottery course over the summer and it’s crazy how much time and attention to detail goes into creating one piece. I have such admiration for potters, and Jars of Dust is my go-to.

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Indigo Handloom Hygge Scarf – $98 // The coziest scarf for the winter, it’s 100% wool and is made by handloom weavers in rural India. By purchasing from Indigo Handloom, you’re supporting a company that makes sure all factories ensure fair working conditions, fair wages, and have zero tolerance for child labor. A scarf that will last for years, is extremely warm, also does good is the best kind of gift in my book.

Angela Roi Hamilton Satchel – $235 // For your friend (or sister, mom, aunt, cousin, or even you) who loves a little class in her life, this satchel is purely sophisticated elegance. Made by an ethical luxury handbag brand that only uses animal-friendly materials, this satchel is a perfect gift for that special lady in your life you’d love to wow. Or Meghan Markle, I definitely think she’d love it too.

Geometric Rainbow Clay Earrings – $32 // Jewelry is one of my favorite gifts to give because it’s easy and you can really tell who a person is by what kind of jewelry they wear. So, your friend or loved one that has an edgy side, loves to make a statement, and is always seeing the glass half full definitely needs a pair of these adorable earrings.

Yin’s Afghan Yoga Mat – $119 // Hands down my favorite yoga mat brand ever. Founded in 2016, Yin Yoga Mats is focused on creating a yoga brand that cultivates awareness over the usage of plastic and PVC and their disastrous affect on our planet. The yoga mats are manufactured from sustainable natural tree rubber. I have two myself and use them every day. They’re also one of the best mats I’ve ever used with minimal slipping and the softest cover. And if it feels slippy, you just put some water on it and you’re back to all the grip you’ll ever need. I’ve taken my mats to hot yoga, yin, restorative, vinyasa, and everything in between. Trust me, the yogi in your life would love this mat as a Christmas gift.

This Dotted Line’s Ace & Jig Striped Ecolier Dress – $160 // It wouldn’t be a sustainable gift guide without mentioning my own brand, This Dotted Line. We are a company focused on curating the best sustainable brands and also offering a secondhand section to provide pieces we love as gently used and at lower prices. I’m obsessed with this Ace & Jig dress on the secondhand section of our site and know many ladies in my life that would love it. Plus, between us: we’ve got an adorable holiday-inspired outfit arriving on the site in a few weeks so definitely stay tuned!

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Wool & The Gang Knit Kit – various prices // For the crafty one in the family, these knit kits are my favorite to use and give as gifts. There are so many different styles to choose from. I’ve tried a few different kits but always go back to Wool & The Gang because of their easy-to-follow instructions and online video page where they offer tutorials. It’s the perfect winter project and the knitter (or future knitter!) in your life will love it. Plus, what’s more sustainable than actually creating the sweater yourself?

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Skandinavisk Hygge Candle – $45 // Anything that has the word hygge in it is automatically added to my favorites list. Skandinavisk is a certified B Corporation that crafts beautiful home and body fragrances focused on Nordic scents — think fjords, forests, amber and more. Hygge is Danish DNA, a reflection of the Scandinavian art of creating intimacy, fellowship and cosiness in the smallest everyday moments. With echoes of tea and baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint, this candle is ideal for your fellow homebody.

Ink & Alloy Pink and Amber Glass Necklace – $90 // The glass pattern necklace with brass and coconut is crafted using recycled African glass that has a subtle luster, and the textured beads are strung in Ink & Alloy’s Atlanta studio by skilled artisans. I love the simplicity yet elegant feel of this necklace. I have a few Ink & Alloy pieces myself and they’re perfect to wear on their own or layered for a more boho vibe.

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Finisterre Eyre Cardigan – $215 // Finisterre is a certified B Corporation company that I found while in Britain. They’re the smaller equivalent to Patagonia. Born over a decade ago from the needs of hardy British surfers, Finisterre designs functional and sustainable product for those that share a love of the sea. They have everything from puffer jackets to beanies to everyday wear and anything that involves stylish activity. I feel like this cardigan would be a great gift for the eco-conscious woman who loves to get rough and tough while staying cute. It’s definitely on my own personal wishlist.

Able Celina Ankle Boot – $178 // A lot of times when you think sustainability, usually Grandma, uncool yet functional style comes to mind. That’s why I love when brands like Able create fun, unique pieces that are also sustainable like this ankle boot. I personally love the silver (hello New Year’s Eve parties!) but there’s also a cheetah pattern, snake pattern, and regular leather colors. I’d say these shoes are made for the girl who loves her nights on the town.

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This Is A Good Guide – $21 // And finally for the bookworm in your life, this book is basically your go-to guide for everything living sustainably. It’s a beefy guide covering all topics on sustainability, living green and eco-friendly. Be ready to also gift some highlighters and pens because there will be notes.

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And there you have it, my sustainable gift guide for her. I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you found this useful on your Christmas shopping quest. Thanks so much for reading and happy holidays!

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The Sustainable Gift Guide For Her


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