VLOG: Father’s Day Shopping & Nail Salon Magic Tricks!

Happy Friday everyone! Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck in bed the last few days sick. So while I’m recovering, I bring to you my very first vlog!

My favorite videos to watch on YouTube are vlogs, and so that was definitely something I wanted to add to my own channel. But whew, it’s nerve-wracking! I always figured that would be the easiest kind of video for me to make, but it’s really taken me time to get comfortable talking into a camera about my day. I’m sure it’ll get easier as time goes on, and I really did enjoy doing it! I can’t wait to keep filming and sharing moments and see them become memories that I can look back on. How cool is that? For this video, I went to brunch with my dad, secretly (and stealthily) shopped for my Father’s Day gift, and had a magic show while my friend McKenzie was getting her nails done. It was an awesome day, so click the  come along for the ride.

Have a great weekend, and comment below if you liked the vlog! Thanks for watching!

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    This post must took a little while to write. Good stuff.

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