3 Best Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

Hello everyone! This past month I’ve spent traveling with my family. We started in L.A. and our next stop was Seattle. Since I have so many food allergies and like to eat a plant-based diet, I always look for vegan & gluten-free restaurants in the cities we visit. Seattle was like a gold mine for good vegan haunches, and I knew I had to share them with you after trying them myself! So, without further ado, here are three delicious vegan (with gluten-free items!) restaurants in Seattle.


Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

This was the first place we visited and was completely vegan complete with a bakery, juice bar, and many gluten-free items. When I googled “vegan restaurants in Seattle,” this was the first one that popped up. They have three locations and we went to the original. They offer weekend brunch and actually feature a ton of artists with a little gallery within the restaurant. I could tell that they were very involved in the community.

The atmosphere here wasn’t a love, but it was cozy and nice. I think if you’re bringing someone like your steak loving dad out for dinner, I would recommend Plum, but if it’s a friend who loves eating the way you do and you’re up for something new, this is a definite must. I got red lentil soup and a creamy artichoke sandwich (all gluten-free and vegan). The soup was one of the best I’ve ever had. I actually got some to-go and had it in the room a few nights later. The sandwich was such a fun meal and something totally different than what I would normally eat, and I loved it! If you don’t do dairy, then you’ll totally understand the craving for something creamy. It was like melt in my mouth good. We also shared a gf french toast with tempeh bacon and it was real good too! I also got a juice and some items from the bakery. Flying Apron really killed it on the bakery items, but I really liked the cookie from here.

There are three locations and you can find the addresses here.






Overall, it was absolutely delicious and the perfect casual lunch spot with a like-minded human.


Flying Apron Cafe 

We stumbled upon this cute cafe while visiting the art market right around the corner. We had stopped for lunch and were meandering back to the market when we ran right into this place. The sign on the door said “vegan and gluten-free certified” and that’s all I needed to run in. I picked up a cinnamon roll (with “cream cheese” frosting!) and a banana nut muffin. My mom had a chocolate chip cookie that was so good I ran back after trying a bite of hers to get my own. The cinnamon roll was by far the closest thing I’ve had to the real thing, I even ate the frosting with a spoon it was so good. I think they accidentally grabbed the mocha muffin instead of banana nut, so I ended up giving it to my dad, but still pretty yum! Overall, this would be perfect for picking up some baked goods for a get together or a brunch at your house. The atmosphere isn’t very fancy so if you were going to eat I would recommend just visiting with a friend or getting to-go, but the food is well worth the trip.

They also have multiple locations, I visited the one in Redmond. You can grab directions to either here.


Plum Bistro 

This was the nicest of all the restaurants we tried and my family’s favorite. It’s in the hipster, artsy part of town which was such a fun change to see a different side of the city. We parked in a pay lot up the street and then just walked a block to the restaurant.

I actually found this restaurant from blogger and Snapchat extraordinaire, Erin Ireland. She wrote about her favorite mac and cheese recipe on her website, It’s To Die For, and then included her favorite mac and cheese from a restaurant and it was the one here at Plum. I actually saw this post on a whim the night before, and by the next morning at ten o’clock had the family loaded in the car heading there. That’s what I love about social media, you can find the coolest stuff on such a whim and have it be amazing.

First, the atmosphere. It was the coolest vegan place I’ve ever been to with a fun, funky, and nice atmosphere. It reminded me a lot of Crossroads in L.A. (just as cool, but a little less fancy). The mood was really chill, the whole staff was amazingly kind and with an open kitchen, piled high with fruits and veg, you could see your food being prepared. We went for brunch over the weekend, so there were tons of yummy breakfast items from pancakes to tofu scrambles. We started with cheesy potatoes for an appetizer, which ended up being my favorite thing! My dad and I then went savory, he had the veggie benedict and I had the infamous mac and cheese and french onion soup. My mom and sister decided on sweet breakfasts, my mom ordered the blueberry pancakes and my sister got banana pancakes. All of it was amazing and we were definitely part of the clean plate club. I loved the mac and cheese and would totally recommend it as one of my favorites.

They have a bunch of locations too! I’m thinking we went to the one on Capitol Hill, but not completely sure. You can get the addresses here.






Overall, Seattle is a win win win for great vegan restaurants and whether you live there or are just visiting, these three places will definitely be return visits for me!

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