3 Everyday Summer Braids

3 Everyday Summer Braids

Braids are my absolutely favorite way to style my hair, especially during summer when all I want is my hair up and off my neck to keep cool. These are the three braids I wear at least once a week: a Katniss inspired dutch braid, easy milkmaid braids, and a simple braided bun. You can do each of these at home with ease and wear them for any occasion. All day errday.

If you do one of these, tag me on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ahbeauty so I can see!

Braided 2

Katniss Inspired Dutch Braid

1. Part your hair to the side, and then do a dutch braid across the back of your head, picking up large pieces on each side as you go.

2. Keep the braid low and as tight as you can. When you reach all the way around your head, flip your hands around to do a regular braid, grabbing the last piece of unused hair as you go, and continue until you work all the way down and tie off.

3. Pull apart the braid to create the messy look, pulling out pieces around the front of your face as well to keep it relaxed.

Braided 4

Easy Milkmaid Braids

1. Part your hair down the side and then down the middle along the back of your head.

2. Do two regular pigtail braids on both sides of your head.

3. Then, flip one side up your head and bobby pin at the top. Grab the other braid and do the same, overlapping it with the original braid to make the milkmaid style. Continue placing bobby pins in until both braids are secure, pinning down any extra unruly hair. 

Braided 6

Simple Braided Bun

1. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and tie with an elastic.

2. Do a regular braid with the ponytail hair, making it as tight as possible.

3. When you finish the braid, flip it around into a bun on the top of your head, and tie it off with another elastic. Pin any extra hairs that are floating around. Pull pieces out to give it that messy look.

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