Friday Vibes.




1. I’m in love with these candles, specifically the peony and champagne scents. And this low bowl is calling my name.

2. I may or may not have spent four hours reading Jenna Kutcher’s blog this week. Her wedding photos are to die for, but her writing is what reels me in.

3. Give me a chair by the pool and a cup of this and call me golden.

4. I’m dying over these sneakers and trying to justify getting them with the fact that I’ll be going to Australia next spring and will totally wear them while traveling. Then the question is navy or gray?

5. I got this bracelet yesterday and am in love with the daintiness of it.

6. Sugar & Cloth inspired me take a trip to Michael’s yesterday for no other reason than to wonder around and see what “the mood strikes”. I ended up with a whole bunch of colored paper, watercolor pencils, and accidentally stole (but then took back to buy) a cute little vase.

7. I’ve completely binged watched all of Colleen (aka MirandaSings) and Josh’s honeymoon vlogs because they are just the cutest couple! Also, have you seen their wedding video yet? It’s adorable, and made me cry like a baby.

8. How cute is this vase from Target? I picked up the last one recently and cried tears of joy over how perfect it is, and now have it sitting in my new office waiting for some flowers.

9. Jordin and I started watching True Detective this week, and I’m officially creeped out. I can’t decide if I actually want to continue or not. I might stick it out for Woody Harrelson.

10. The Longest Ride is now my second favorite Nicholas Sparks’ film (first being The Notebook, of course). I cried, I laughed, I loved it.




Friday Vibes.


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