A Simple Skincare Routine: All-Natural Products I’m Adding To My Vault

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A Simple Skincare Routine for All-Natural Beauty

Lately I’ve been trying to get better about impulse purchasing. Rather than just immediately buy whatever my virtual best friend tells me to or my focused ad lures me towards, I will save the photo or write down the item in my notes and if I’m still thinking of that product a month or two later, then I know it’s something worth purchasing. Skincare is one of those that I’ve really tried to limit as I end up using only around 1 to 2 products every day. My skin has always been finicky, so once I find something that works I really stick with it. My mornings are a quick wash and go, and I’ve always liked it that way.

But, since being at home so much, I have had more time to spend thinking about my skincare routine and considering some things I’d like to add to it. Like usual, the list gets very long and then I simplify it down to those products that I feel can really add some value to my skin. There are four products, in particular, I’ve had my eye on for months, and I think it may be time to bite the bullet and go for it. But, before I do, I thought I’d share with you what they are and why I think they’d be the perfect addition to my routine. Get ready because they aren’t your typical wash/tone/moisturize type products, but I think if utilized correctly, they could be an asset to anyone’s skincare vault.

// Gua Sha

I first have to give a shoutout to the gua sha queen herself, Kate Eskuri, from The Foundation Blog. Her before and after posts are ridiculous, and I basically want to try gua sha because of how amazing she makes it sound. Don’t know what gua sha is? Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, gua sha is loosely translated to mean “scraping” in English. It’s basically a handheld jade or rose quartz stone that you “scrape” (I promise it’s much more relaxing than it sounds) up your face to relax tight muscles and promote tissue drainage. If you do this in the morning after just waking up with your favorite oil or moisturizer, you’ll see a crazy difference from your morning puffy, swollen face to a bright-eyed look minutes after thanks to the buildup from sleeping literally draining from your face. It’s a pretty cool technique, and while I’ve used jade rollers for a while, I’ve really wanted to give the gua sha technique a try.

While there are loads of cheap websites offering knock-off tools, it’s really important to me to get the highest quality jade available and my go-to for great products right now is OSEA Malibu. Their gua sha sculptor is unlike any of the other ones I’ve seen but all the ridges and lines look perfect for getting into those hard to reach places on my face and neck. I’ve added this gua sha to my cart, and I think it’s a must-buy for me.

If you’re looking for a more traditional gua sha shape or one in rose quartz, then this is another great option from Follain.

// Dry Brush

Next up is the dry brush. I’ve actually tried this before, years ago, because my OG all-natural skincare goddess Miranda Kerr shared about the amazing benefits of daily dry body brushing. Over time, life got busy and I forgot about this beautiful daily ritual. When I went to buy a new brush recently, I was kind of horrified by my options. The only ones I could find were either made from plastic (no, thank you) or boar’s hair (definitely no thank you). I wanted something that had little to no plastic at all and was also plant-based.

I literally googled “vegan dry brush” and OSEA was one of the first options to pop up. OSEA’s plant-based body brush is made from sisal fibers. OSEA also has a really in-depth post on the history of dry brushing and how exactly to do it. Dry brushing has a lot of the same benefits as using gua sha, it’s just another way to flush out toxins in your body and restore the skin.

Miranda Kerr’s own skincare line, Kora Organics, also has a dry brush made from agave cactus bristles. Or, if you’re looking for a different kind of style entirely, this one is a great option.

// Facial Oil

If you would have told me as an acne-prone teenager that what my skin needed was more oil, I would have laughed in your face. But, over the years I’ve learned so much more about holistic care and how the solution to an overproduction of oil is not stripping all oils but rather supporting the skin with clean oils that are much needed.

Everyday Oil is first up on my “I need this nowwww” list. I’ve been eyeing it on Instagram for weeks and if I close my eyes, I can almost smell all the beautiful botanical oils that make up this product. The balancing oils that comprise Everyday Oil are cleansing, hydrating, healing + nourishing enough to replace face wash completely + can be used as a deep conditioner, beard oil, cuticle oil, natural insect repellent, after-sun, after-surf, after-shave, bath soak, massage oil or wherever you need. It’s also 100% plant-based with no synthetic ingredients or preservatives of any kind, small-business owned + made in small batches in Black Mountain, North Carolina. I don’t know about you but I’m sold.

I’ve been using the Herbivore Lapis Oil for years and have to give it a shoutout because it’s a perfect oil for those with oily/blemish-prone skin that are scared to venture into the world of facial oils. It doesn’t feel too thick and leaves your skin feeling amazing. It works to balance sebum, calm inflammation, and negate redness caused by blemishes without drying out your skin. It’s a gamechanger for me, and I love adding this after using a cleansing face wash.

// Face Wash Bar

The one skincare product that truly healed my acne and transformed my skin is tea tree oil. I have been using this cleanser for years and absolutely love it (+ it’s insanely affordable), but as I’m working to craft a zero-waste skincare routine I’ve been looking for something new. I became a shampoo & conditioner bar convert about six months ago, so I figure it’s time to also make the switch to a facial bar. I’d love to still use tea tree oil as it’s been such a good product for me, and thankfully I found a couple of great options. Thankfully, Desert Essence also makes a bar version of the cleanser I love so that’s for sure on my list.

Meow Meow Tweet has a tea tree charcoal facial soap that’s completely zero-waste and formulated with activated charcoal to detoxify along with cocoa butter for moisture, ground oats for exfoliation, and a mix of tea tree and eucalyptus oils which act as a natural astringent to combat skin blemishes.

If you’re looking for an all-around cleansing bar, this charcoal one from Beautycounter is a great option too!

And there’s a little peek into what I’m planning on adding to my skincare collection in the coming months. I love to keep it simple, effective, and eco-friendly and each of these products hit the mark for me. What’s your die-hard skincare product that you can’t live without?

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