All About Autumn

I’m mad about autumn, as you can tell. There’s something about the changing of seasons. The fresh, new air and that wonderful escape from the warm weather that leaves me with a constant smile. I think seasons are beautiful times of growth, change, and adjusting the sails of our sailboats of life.

My mom always said to me, “the only thing constant is change.”

But in the past, I fought it with everything I had. I downright hated change. It made my skin want to crawl and I didn’t adjust very well; whether it was a move or a trip. Small and big, I couldn’t take the change. I always had this sense of dread over change. I was one of those weird kids that would think about how I might never be happier than in that particular moment. Or, that I would never feel sadder than I did right then. I think with age comes wisdom, and over the years I’ve realized that there are so many seasons. But that’s just it: they are seasons. There are the good and the bad, the positive and negative, ups and downs, happy and sad. There are times when I feel on top of the world and others when I feel like the world is against me. But, what I’ve learned in it all is that this too shall pass. Nothing is forever, change is constant. I realized that through years of seeing that life flows and that feelings I feel will no doubt come back around. When I learned this, and accepted it, my life became about enjoying the moment for what it is rather than stressing or living in fear over parts of my life that I know will come around again. Probably not in the same way, but it will.

So, my message to you: embrace it all. Every season brings new memories to made and experiences to be had. This time of year I know I deal with seasonal depression, and if you’re one of the unlucky that does as well, remember it will pass. Let your face feel the sun. Don’t force anything. Just snuggle up, be okay with where you’re at, and find the positives of the season rather than the dread.

My favorite ways to embrace this season include:

  1. HOME – so many good scents are to be had in autumn. Stock up on your favorite pumpkin candles and fall-themed essential oils. Make your house smell lovely, so that when you come home each day you are excited for the space you’ve created. Pick up some new, extra cozy blankets and pajamas. Start watching a new tv show. Make your home your sanctuary, and welcome the hygge of the season.
  2. BUCKET LISTS – write down some fun things you can do this season. I love that this is the start of lots of family (and/or friends!) time in the coming months, and one of my favorite things to do is make a bucket list of adventures I’d like to do during the season. This usually includes pumpkin patching, cookie decorating night, knitting with friends, starting a book club, and more. Get creative, and involve your people. This is the best time for community!
  3. COOKING – I personally love to cook. I find so much passion in the kitchen trying a new recipe or concocting one of my own. Give a new recipe a try, or create some pumpkin loafs for your neighbors. Cooking is a beautiful, and delicious, way to serve others in this season. Be aware that not everyone has a happy, or good, time this time of year, and you can brighten their day, especially if you carry some pumpkin baked goods in hand. A few of my favorite recipes include this delish GF vegan pumpkin bread, these (also vegan!) coconut oil cinnamon rolls, and these amazing one-bowl jumbo chocolate chip cookies (also vegan + gf!)

Autumn is a beautiful time for snuggling up in your biggest bathrobe, cuddling up with those you love (especially if it involves your pet!), and getting into the heart of the season. To me, that’s what sums it up: this is the heart of the year. The beating part that is a welcome change to the airy and adventurous summer. It is the time to nurture yourself and others and root into who you truly are. If you look at it as a time for growth and acceptance, I promise the change won’t feel so scary.

It’ll just feel like another season.

What are some things you love to do to embrace autumn? Let me know in the comments below!

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