Extreme 4×4 Tour in Telluride


The last stop on my family vacation this summer was one of my favorite places in the world, Telluride Colorado. I have spent countless months in this incredible town with some of the most amazing people, I have snowboarded up every run and fallen getting off a few chairlifts. I’ve mountain biked with friends, I sang in public for the first time up the road, and I’ve made dozens upon dozens of memories with all the people who make my life worthwhile.

Telluride is such a magical spot for my family and I and we were so happy to spend a few days there this summer. We always love meeting up with friends we know there and during this trip, as we were finishing up lunch one day we heard the booming voice of one friend, Roger, from across the street. We met and within minutes had a date set up for doing a 4×4 tour (that he runs!). We had talked about it some before getting there and Hannah was adamant about only doing something easy, but when she found out Roger would take us, she was all in for an adventure. We ended up doing the Black Bear Pass, which is the hardest drive in the area, and it was an insanely crazy time. I vlogged it all and am so happy I did because it was one of the funniest, scariest, and wild times of my life.

If you’re visiting Telluride and would like to book this tour, click here. Also, make sure to ask for Roger, he’s the best!













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  1. 8.1.16
    amy said:

    So between your dads commentary and the fear that Hannah had it was an incredibly convincing vlog that I am not strong enough for this!!!

    Disney World rides freak me out so I was screaming and closing my eyes watching this. The views are worth the trip though, incredibly beautiful and just makes you reflect on the beauty of our world.

    Way to hang in Hannah, you are my HERO!!!

    • 8.1.16
      Hunter said:

      Haha it was crazy!!! You would have loved it for the views, but the heights were much more intense than I thought they would be! I think Hannah is still recovering!

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