Friday Feels

Oh Friday, another week passed. It’s been full of adventuring, quality time with my husband, 3 solid runs, and counting down to today as my mother-in-law are going to see the Downton Abbey movie tonight! We couldn’t be more excited. This week I’ve found lots of online inspiration and I’m really leaning into the slow movement more through what I consume, both online and through books.

I’ve found some amazing blogs I’m excited to follow and have picked up some fun new magazines, my favorite being the one mentioned below. Anyway, I’m off to find a period dress and get to the theater with hours to spare 😂Kidding… hope you have a fabulous weekend! Xx

My Scandinavian Home

Visit this blog if you need to get a dose of Scandi home design style. Niki posts different Scandinavian designed homes and they give me so much inspiration. I love all the neutral colors, touches of greenery & plants, and modern/minimalist decor. Niki is also the author of “Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living A Balanced, Happy Life” which is pretty much the Swedish version of hygge, and I’m here for it.

Montana Pratt

I found Montana’s blog this past week and pretty much devoted an entire afternoon to read through her posts. I love the way she writes and her outlook on simple living. Plus, her photography is gorgeous and I love seeing her life on the south-east coast of Australia. I also think our logos our similar, so it’s meant to be, right? 😉

Chloe Kian

I loveee Chloe’s YouTube channel. She’s so sweet and super knowledgeable about sustainable living as she shops sustainably, eats a vegan diet, and posts a lot of great routine videos and hauls. I love just seeing her life in Switzerland and getting inspiration on what to eat and ways to live better from her. She’s just great.

Kate Eskuri’s Home Renovation

I think this was my favorite read of the entire week. I’m so obsessed with home before and afters. They always give me such nostalgic vibes and make me want to pull a Chip + Jo and buy a fixer upper. Kate is one of my favorite people in this digital space, and her blog is chock full of incredible tips and tricks to living your best life (plus she’s a nurse and on her way to become an integrative health practitioner, so she really knows her shit). She and her husband, Adam, live on a lake in Minnesota and are just the cutest. Their little cabin home is what country living dreams are made of, and in this post she shares all about their process to purchase their home and how they made it their own with only $4,000. A great read if you’re wanting to renovate on a budget.

The Simple Things Magazine

I picked up this magazine while in WH Smith this week and instantly fell in love with it. Everything from the way it’s laid out, the thick beautiful pages, to the incredible articles and overall vibe, it’s just a love of mine. If you’re looking for more slow & simple living inspiration, this is the magazine for you. My favorite article in the magazine was probably about sourdough baking. The contributor went to sourdough school out in the country at Vanessa Kimbell‘s home and it sounded heavenly. They learned how to make a starter, bake, and got to take home their own starter to bake at home. It made me seriously want to get my hands on a sourdough starter and get to baking.

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