My Favorite Season


There’s just something extra special about the crisp fall air, throwing on a sweater before going outside, listening to the crackle of the fireplace, curling up on the couch with your favorite book, early nights at home, the smell of fragrant comfort food cooking in the kitchen. I could go on and on about why autumn is my favorite season, but my favorite reason is because it is about community.

I love how when the nights get cold there are more times for friends to come by, sit on your couch, and chat for hours. And how there are endless recipes to be baked and vegan mac and cheese to be made. There is nothing quite like the connection I feel to the people around me during this time of year, and as cheesy (ha) as it sounds, I love it.

Autumn brings out the best in me, and it feels like someone I love that’s been gone far too long. I’m so happy it’s returned. There are so many things I look forward to doing every fall, and here are a few of my favorites.

1. Pumpkin Patching

This is a constant tradition for my family. We’ve done it for years now and I feel like it’s a great tradition to continue even though my sister and I are older now. Although we spend most years still in shorts while drinking apple cider because it’s so hot in Florida, it’s still such a special day to me.

2. Baking

I love pulling out all my favorite cookbooks and finding tried and true recipes to make and bake while also getting adventurous in the kitchen with some new stuff. I’ve already bought pumpkin puree once this season and when I opened it up it was the best smell in the world. Some of my favorite baking recipes are from Minimalist Baker.

3. Reading

Now that the days are shorter, there is more time for reading. I am into a bunch of different genres, and I’ve just cracked open Gabby Bernstein’s new book, The Universe Has Your Back. I’ve already fallen in love with it and I’m only on the tenth page.

4. Decorating

Walking through Michael’s and Target after all the new decorations have arrived is my favorite. I love buying to celebrate, and I feel like that’s what this whole season is about. I’m not hugely into Halloween, but I do love dressing up (that’s considered decorating yourself, right?). As soon as Thanksgiving thoughts are in the air, I go crazy. But to be honest, I never even moved my holiday bin (completely with fake tree) back upstairs after last season. I am that crazy holiday lady. Thank goodness I don’t have any cats.

5. Laughing

I find that good quality time is always best in the autumn months. I have laughed more this season so far than I have all year, mostly because I am spending so much fun time with the people I love by doing some of the things I’ve mentioned above. I tend to take life super seriously, and laughing is such a great reminder of all the non-serious beauty in the world. Life’s all about balance, isn’t it?

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