My Summer Morning Routine



Ah, summer days, don’t ya just love em’? I spent Saturday lounging by the pool with my mom and Sunday hanging on the beach with friends. It’s getting to that point in the summer where it feels too hot to even step foot outside in the daylight, so weekends are spent in lots of water. The humidity is what gets me the most. There is literally no point in even thinking about doing my hair, because it turns into a frizzy hot mess in about .2 seconds, but we do get to wear cute sundresses and rock denim shorts, so I’m okay with it for a few months.

This summer I have been sticking to a more active morning routine than years past. I’ve gotten really into yoga and with my sweet puppy, lots of walking is required. On this specific morning, we were doing the lazy thing before a busy work day so I ate a healthy breakfast, walked Charlotte, and took you through my beauty routine. If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel then you got an exciting early glimpse on Saturday morning when I posted this video, and if you’re not subscribed… Do it now to stay up to date on all my videos as they pop up.




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My Summer Morning Routine


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