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Madewell Sleeveless Sweater (similar here and here), Stitchfix Jeans, Urban Outfitters Bralette (on sale!), Anthropologie Monogram Pendant, Target Sandals (similar here and here, they are still in stores I just can’t find them online)


Happy Monday!

Guys. I am so sorry I missed posting last week. Last Monday I was in full swing of a busy work day schedule, rockin’ it on my computer editing photos and whatnot, when my entire screen broke. Just completely went black with colored lines all over it. I ended up having to take it to a company where they had to order an entirely new screen for it (but thankfully the bill went down from almost $1,000 to zero when they were able to cover me under a warranty! Broken screens are no joke, yo.). On top of that, Monday I also woke up to Charlotte having a very nasty (graphically nasty. My poor rug, may it rest in peace) infection. But a vet visit and a lot of meds later and she’s on the mend.

After such a crazy last week, I am more than a little excited to get this week rearing and roaring. And first things first, this outfit. My sweet and awesome boyfriend, Jordin, gifted me this top from Madewell as a little souvenir from a recent work trip to Chicago. I am absolutely in love with it because it’s sweater material, but sleeveless and with a really fun high neckline. I paired it with one of my favorite bralette’s from Urban Outfitters to add some flair. Of course I HAD to wear it with my favorite jeans of all time, these ones I got from my Stitchfix order about a year ago. I have no idea what they are or where they came from, but I’m pretty sure they dropped straight from jean heaven. I wear them all the time and they never stretch out. They’re amazing. And then finally, I wore these shoes from Target that I just can’t get enough of.

Let’s hope that this week goes off without a hitch, but thanks to this outfit I already feel like a successful week’s a brewing. What are you looking forward to most this week? Let me know in the comments below!








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