The Lockdown Diaries – on sourdough, slow living, & the collective pause

Today marks day 35 of quarantine because of COVID-19. Even typing that out feels like I’m writing a science fiction novel.

It’s a weird, weird time.

I’ve been writing in my journal as much as I can because I want to be able to look back and remember my emotions, the world’s experience, and how we all were dealing. But, I thought it might be worth writing some blog posts about it too because it’s not just about my future self, it’s about today and connection is needed now more than ever. So, if you’re going a little bit *or a lotta bit* stir crazy today because you don’t know when the next time we can go to the movie theater will be, or you’re worried about all the people affected by this deadly illness, or you love your family so much but they’re about to make you pull your hair out, you’re not alone.

It would be much better if we didn’t need a pandemic to teach us about being present, slowing down, and embracing our authentic selves; but, I have to feel grateful that we are being led to a deeper understanding in the midst of a terrible situation. Suddenly, that overflowing planner is empty and you can fill it with what really matters to you. People are talking a lot about how they can’t wait for things to return to normal once this is over, but I think our idea of normal is gone. And was it even working before, anyway? Were we happy with the havoc we’ve been wreaking on our planet? Were we filled with joy from our elected representatives? Was overworking making us fulfilled? On some level, you and I both know there were changes long past overdue. So, no, sorry, I don’t want to return to normal when this is all over. I want to step into a new state filled with more love and compassion, a more sustainable way of life, and a lot more open-hearted humans.

Since “lockdown,” my days now include learning how to make sourdough bread, creating the perfect essential oil diffuser blend to help me sleep, taking a meditation course each Saturday, and trying to lean into more of who I want to be when the world opens up again. My days also include a minor mental breakdown once a week, tears daily, and a lot more time in bed. I would be lying if I said I was going through this time as a more enlightened human being. I’m going through this time as just a being, being human.

For you, it may be a lot of days watching Netflix and eating ice cream. Or, coming up with ideas to keep your kids entertained. Exercising like there’s no tomorrow. Or, just trying to survive.

Whatever it looks like for you — you’re doing a great job.

It’s my hope that if anything, this period of time has shown you that who you thought you needed to be doesn’t matter. What matters is who you truly are.

It’s the collective pause. And from this pause, I can’t wait to see what magic comes through.

How are you filling your days? How are you doing, like really?

Here are a few things bringing me joy during this time:

  • Some Good News – John Krasinski is the earth angel we all needed these days.
  • TikTok – enough said. At this point I don’t care if China is taking all my personal information and plotting against me, I’m just loving the entertainment.
  • Sailing La Vagabonde – my favorite YouTubers! They recently finished a series all about crossing the Atlantic with Greta Thunberg, and it felt like a mini documentary rather than a YT video.
  • Sign Duo – I recently found this sweet couple’s channel and love them. He’s deaf and she’s hard of hearing. They’re videos are all about navigating life. Also, I’ve been learning so much sign language just from watching their videos. Amazing!
  • My hydroflask – I haven’t left the living room without it. Keeping me hydrated all day, everyday.
  • The Class – my go-to workout. It’s like a yoga class mixed with cardio and a moving meditation. I’m obsessed.
  • My Kindle – I was always against reading digitally as I loved the feel of books, but it’s been so handy to have my kindle so I can download a new book whenever I feel like it. I’m powering through reading these days!
  • Tess Weaver’s Sourdough Course – Okay, I haven’t actually made a sourdough starter yet (I’m still waiting on the flower to arrive), but I bought Tess’s course last week and already feel like I’m going to be a sourdough pro in no time. Definitely check it out.


What are some things bringing you joy these days? I’d love to hear about them.

Here’s to week 5 of quarantine, let’s do this.






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  1. 4.19.20
    Jenny said:

    I love how you write.. my days are taken up with my garden the weather has been fab so yes gardening, cookie making two children 9 and under say no more and knitting see my blog mamarskitchen hugs n kisses xxx

    • 4.20.20
      Elizabeth Burgtorf said:

      Thank you so much. That sounds lovely! I’m happy you’re enjoying your days with the kiddos. Xx

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