The Mission Is A Revolution



On Friday, I shared this photo and caption on my Instagram, but I believe it also needs to have a permanent place on my blog. I’m no longer staying in my lane, remember? This week I’m focusing on educating myself on racial injustice from a place of white privilege, and I plan to share some of what I learn in future posts. I hope you’ll join me in pressing pause, and facing the fire head-on so that we can finally make real, lasting change. So that we can start a revolution.

The post:

I’ve always believed in the idea that each person is born with their own mission. With something they care about deep in their bones. For some, it’s children. For others it could be climate change, or homelessness, education or human rights. For me, it’s always been the environment and the welfare of animals. When I would see something on the news happening with another tough subject, I would Instantly think, “stay in your lane. Focus on your own mission.” I would be passive, even a little checked out if I’m being honest. I would feel sad and angry but because it didn’t directly affect me, I would move on in a day or two.

I shouldn’t stay in my lane one second longer. And I shouldn’t have ever just stayed in my lane to begin with. I refuse to only listen anymore. I refuse to only listen about the wrongful death of George Floyd. I refuse to see the names of innocent BIPOC being killed and not speak up. The systemic racism in this country is horrifying and I’ve come to the conclusion that you are either passionately + boldly ANTI-racism *or* you are passively participating in deeply rooted racism every single day.

This means we have to take a tough look at ourselves by UNLEARNING and acknowledging the subconscious racism we’ve grown up around. Its about educating ourselves and checking internal biases, then DOING THE WORK to change them. It’s about recognizing your privilege. We can’t be worried about saying the wrong thing and being uncomfortable. We have to get uncomfortable and stumble along the way so we can learn.

It’s (way past) time we get out of our own damn lanes and out into the world.

The mission is CHANGE.
The mission is LOVE.
The mission is a REVOLUTION.

While I have so much learning (and even more unlearning) to do, I thought I’d share a few places I’m getting resources from in case it could be helpful to you.




The Mission Is A Revolution


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