Numerology: At Home Self-Care Based On Your Life Path Number

Numerology for Self-Care

Numerology is a topic I could discuss all day long. I love personality types and figuring out how we all tick. It’s like a secret into our souls and that makes me excited. If you’re new to numerology, I recommend you start with my blog post on how to discover your life path number. In it, I’ll tell you all about what your life path number means and how it represents who you are.

Self-care is so unique to every individual. It varies drastically from one person to the next. And I’m not the kind of person that believes self-care is an excuse to spend a day at the spa every week instead of tidying the house or being lazy rather than being intentional. Self-care is about rooting into more of who you are and nurturing that so you can continue to be the best version YOU can be. I also believe self-care is attainable for everyone. From the momma with two little babies to the overworked healthcare worker to the yoga instructor. Anyone can benefit from self-care in their lives and in their own unique way.

So, you’ve determined your life path number and now you’re ready to dive into self-care ideas that work perfectly for you. I specifically aimed these rituals towards what can be achieved at home and on any budget, as we’re all staying in more these days. I also suggest finding what self-care rituals work best for your partner or friend so you know what’s ideal for them when they need a little time for themselves. Let’s dive in…

Life Path 1 // The Leader

Grab some brushes and go paint (finger-painting works too) — YouTube a Bob Ross painting tutorial and go wild! You love to be a leader in all you do, but sometimes it’s nice to follow someone else for a while. Remember that this is just for fun, and it’s not about the outcome, so don’t be too critical of yourself. Just explore your creativity without an end in sight, and focus on the journey rather than the destination. You may just surprise yourself with how much you enjoy the process.


-Check out this playlist to get started

-If you’re needing inspiration, I love Anja’s paintings on her bedroom wall!

Life Path 2 // The Harmony Seeker

Get yourself a self-massager or take a bubble bath! You give until you don’t have anything left, so it’s super important that you’re also doing things just for YOU. Indulging in a really nice long bubble bath or getting a massage (or use a self-massager #quarantinelife) is a great way to refill your own tank so you have more to give to others. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else take the reigns, even if it’s just 30 minutes. I promise the world won’t come crumbling down if you aren’t in control for a little bit. And it’ll actually make you even more of an incredible giver.


This thing will really get into all those hard to reach spots

-I just gifted my mom this bath oil for Mother’s Day and she loved it

This spa set (affiliate link) from Osea Malibu is dreamy

Life Path 3 // The Communicator

You LOVE to communicate, so a great way to practice self-care is through a gratitude journal. If you’re looking for some inspiration, this is a great post with lots of journal prompt ideas. It’s important that while you often speak or write for others,  you remember to do it for yourself as well. So light a candle, make a cup of tea, and dig in deep. You’re here to use your voice, so make sure it’s in complete alignment with who you are.


-I recently ordered this Daily Page Planner and am so excited about it

-I’ve also been using this gratitude journal and love it

Life Path 4 // The Busy Bee of Society

You focus on holding it all together, but remember to let loose sometimes! Have a movie night with a friend, or go take a new class like knitting or dancing if you’re feeling brave. Get out of your head and into your heart to remember that while what you do is important and valuable, if you take a little time off from it the world won’t come crumbling down. On a personal note (I’m a 4 all the way), I’ve recently started working on puzzles at night and while it’s always annoyed me in the past (those freakin’ corner pieces just feel so dang overwhelming), it’s actually given me something to nice to focus on that doesn’t involve technology and helps me to wind down. Give it a try. You never know, you may be happily surprised like me!


-Check out these knitting project kits (affiliate link)

-I’ve been working through this puzzle and it’s so difficult but so pretty

Life Path 5 // The Free Bird

Freedom is what you value most! You hate being tied down, so I can imagine this time is pretty tough for you. To create a sense of adventure, go on a drive for the day to a random place you’ve never been before. You can sit in your car and admire the ocean, or drive through the mountains. It doesn’t have to be much, but giving yourself a change of scenery and a feel for adventure can do wonders for your free soul! Listen to a podcast, music, or just be with your thoughts.


This playlist I’ve been loving lately.

-When I need a dose of calm, Sara Tasker’s podcast is my go-to

Johnny and Iz send out monthly newsletters with amazing playlists

Life Path 6 // The Nurturer

Oh, how you love to nurture others. It’s such a beautiful trait but also can hinder your own needs. Baking is a great way for you to do something that can nourish you but also give to those you love. Whether that’s learning how to make sourdough or just whipping up your go-to cake recipe. There’s nothing like an afternoon in the kitchen and you’ll feel super inspired seeing how much everyone enjoys the fruits of your labor.


Pinch of Yum has been a favorite food blog of mine for years

Minimalist Baker has all your vegan baking needs covered

-So does Oh, Ladycakes. Plus her writing is amazing.

-If you’re wanting to get into sourdough, I’ve been following Tess Weaver’s method and seeing great results!

Life Path 7 // The Seeker

A meditation or day out in the garden would be so good for your soul, little seeker! You are deeply rooted in your spirituality and find connection with the natural world, so it’s really important that you nurture that side of you as often as you can. One hour a day giving back to yourself will fill your cup so much it’ll be overflowing with love for the rest of the world to feel.


-I’ve been looking into getting this Subpod for composting

-This Kitchen Garden Revival book has great reviews

-If you need a good pair of boots for the garden I love these from Tretorn (affiliate link)

Life Path 8 // The Manifesting Boss

Pick up a new hobby just for the heck of it. Learn something new, whether it be pottery or spin class. Remember that success & status doesn’t mean you throw away the magical parts of everyday life. You don’t have to be the best all.the.time. so become a student again and be reminded that there is joy in the learning (sometimes more than the knowing). Getting away from your work doesn’t mean your professional life isn’t important to you, it just means that you’re creating a well-rounded life.


CreativeLive is my favorite place for online classes (affiliate link)

-If you’re looking for a new workout, The Class is amazing

-If you don’t want to learn pottery, you can just reap the benefits with a cute mug or bowl from East Fork (affiliate link)

Life Path 9 // The Humanitarian

Spend this weekend hanging out with rescue pups, or serving at a soup kitchen, or volunteering at your local nursing home. The best way to fill your self-care tank is by giving to others. If your focus is too much on work or pursuing materialistic gain, you’ll lose that deep sense of self that you value so much in the way you contribute to the world around you. So, getting out in the community and serving those less fortunate is the best way for you to feel valued and fulfilled.


-This charity navigator is a good place to start

Arthur’s Acres, Rancho Relaxo, and Black Goat Farm are all incredible animal sanctuaries

Prioritizing yourself is one of the most crucial, yet hardest, things to do. But, if you view it as a must and add it to your planner, or block out specific times every day/week/month, or just incorporate it into how you live, you’ll see amazing results. Here’s to more of us putting self-care first and therefore showing up to be our best selves every damn day.


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