A Lovely Date Day

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” – Kurt Vonnegut


Oliver Bonas Dress // Topshop Boots (similar)

Today was a little thing that definitely became a big thing. I love those moments in life when you realize that you’re currently in the middle of creating a memory you’ll cherish forever. As I looked at Matt’s big blue eyes shimmering in the light from the window as we laughed over tea and scones, I knew it was one of those moments.

I won’t say marriage is always easy, because it’s not.

The last week or so we’ve been shorter to temper and less loving than normal, but then there’s days like today where it all makes sense. I think that’s been such a lesson for me. Realizing that it’s okay to have weeks you don’t want to share, and times you aren’t your best selves, but then you have a day like today. The sun shines, the smiles don’t dim, and you understand a part of life. The part where we’re all human, and there’s so much love around. There’s perfection in the imperfection, and it’s in those down times that you learn to truly appreciate the good times.

I am grateful.

Grateful to learn these lessons alongside such an amazing husband. Grateful to get to live each day in the moment, not out of survival but out of true personal growth. Grateful for the sun shining, the air coming through the windows, the ancient manor in the northeast of England. Grateful for the magic that surrounds us, for that little bit of pixie dust that makes our days worthwhile. Grateful for patience and understanding.

Today was perfect in the most imperfect way, and that’s what living the dream is all about.

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