Kortni Jeane Swimmers

I have been on the lookout for modest, chic, adorable swimsuits for basically my entire life and I would find a suit here and there that I liked, but I could never find a company that consistently made swimsuits that I loved.

About a year or so ago, I came across Kortni Jeane on Instagram and fell in love. Unfortunately, I was right at the end of one of their season lines, and had to patiently wait a few weeks for their next batch of suits to come out.

I set my alarm for the crack of dawn, and woke up 15 minutes early to make sure my Internet was loading and the website was good. I scanned through the swimmers and quickly made my choices, already having a list to go off of from the Instagram sneak peeks.

I never knew ordering a swimsuit would be so stressful, but also so worth it!


My Kortni Jeane swimsuits make me look my best and feel confident. I think putting on a swimsuit can be a real daunting task for anyone and I know I’m always the last person at the pool or beach to take off my cover-up. But anytime I’m wearing a Kortni Jeane swimsuit, I feel confident on the inside and out.

Since I love fashion and love getting dressed up, these swimmers are perfect because they are an extension of who I am. I know that sounds silly when talking about a swimsuit, but I always want to feel comfortable in my own skin, and before wearing these swimsuits, I would avoid wearing a swimsuit at all costs. But Kortni Jeane does an incredible job at creating great quality suits that make you feel beautiful and are unique to fit to your own personal style.

The mix n’ match idea behind them also makes sure everyone can wear their favorite suits and still have a unique combination on. I love how unique each style looks and the patterns are the cutest ever (if you haven’t seen the cactus line yet, you must!). I’m all about comfort without compromising style in anything I wear and Kortni Jeane swimsuits do all of that and more.


I can’t rave about them enough, and having a Kortni Jeane swimsuit this spring and summer will not only complete your beach travel essentials, but will also make you the cutest (and most stylish) beachgoer out there! Click here to see what’s currently available, and make sure to stay up to date on their Instagram for when a new line comes out so you can be the first to see.

I seriously am obsessed with these swimsuits and couldn’t imagine going to the beach or lounging by the pool in anything else!


And a huge THANK YOU to my mom for taking all these pictures and filming, and to Kylie for channeling the role of Jordin and modeling his swimsuit herself! He he 🙂


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