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Summer Capsule – Day 16/30

A flowy midi dress is a must in your summer capsule. I love this one because it feels like I’m…

Summer Capsule – Day 13/30

I don’t have a lot of black in my wardrobe, I’m definitely more of a brown/green/white toned dresser. But, when…

Summer Capsule – Day 9/30

We’re back in the south, so that means it’s shorts season! I was so excited to break out these ripped-up…

Summer Capsule – Day 8/30

Not pictured: my husband carrying 84727 extra bags because we’re traveling with an 8-month-old. We’ve left Colorado and are slowly…

Summer Capsule – Day 7/30

The hills are alive, with the sound of music… Ha! I do feel like I’m in my own movie starring…

Summer Capsule – Day 6/30

Today’s look makes me feel like Diane Keaton in one of her classic 90’s romcoms and I’m here for it.…

Summer Capsule – Day 4/30

My favorite way to spice up an outfit is by adding a statement piece – I usually stay pretty neutral/casual…

Summer Capsule – Day 3/30

I decided to go casual today as the only plans we have are walking around town and seeing the new…

Summer Capsule – Day 2/30

Here in Colorado, the weather doesn’t know what it wants. Every morning, it’s hot & sunny then by the afternoon,…

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