5 Things I’m Excited To Wear Again This Fall

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As a Floridian, fall is always this exciting idea that sometimes comes to fruition in our sunshine state. We usually don’t experience any temperature below 70’s until mid-October. So, I am pleased to say that I am writing this post while it’s in the 60’s outside and autumn is officially upon us. Light the pumpkin spice candles, drink all the tea, cozy up, and let’s do this fall.

In terms of fashion, autumn is my season. I love layers and sweaters and the beginnings of boots. I’m a year-round jeans wearer and sweaters just look so dang good with a pair of denim.

What are you excited to wear again this season?

Recently I was looking through some photos of last year and came across a few pieces I can’t wait to pull out again, so I thought I’d share them with you.

1. Babaà Sweaters

In the sustainable fashion world, babaà sweaters are in almost everyone’s closets. While they have a big price tag, I bought this wool number secondhand at a good price and even a few years later, it still looks brand new. It’s extremely warm so some days I’ll just wear a long-sleeve underneath and the sweater as my coat. I’ve got my eye on this one to add next as I know a cream color would go well in my closet and cotton would be more wearable throughout the year. The sweater coat from Jenni Kayne is another on my wishlist.

2. Midweight Jackets

Give me anything patched and I’ll be happy. When Madewell did a partnership with The New Denim Project and made this patch jacket, I fell in love and knew it would become a staple item in my closet. This jacket isn’t made anymore, but I love this quilted corduroy option (you can also get 30% off with the code SPREETIME). This reversible quilted liner jacket is also beautiful (and on sale!). I love this shirt-jacket as a midweight option as well.

Midweight jackets are essential for autumn because they’re warm enough for the morning yet once you unzip them, they’re still light enough for midday when the temps reach the highest. It’s also nice because it’s not insanely bulky when you wear a sweater underneath.

3. Lace-Up Boots

I feel like the whole laces trend on boots comes and goes, but I absolutely love this pair I have from Frye. I think I bought them secondhand and they’ll always be dear to me because I specifically got them before going to meet my husband for the first time. Good luck boots, maybe? They just look so good on all different types of bodies and the laces allow them to fit super narrow feet like mine. I’ll wear them with dresses and jeans all autumn and winter long.

I also wear my doc martens non-stop, both these and these. Also for a rain boot style, these from Tretorn are my go-to.

4. Dark Wash Jeans

Give me light-wash mom jeans all summer long, but the second those temps drop I’m ready for some dark wash skinnies. I just love the way they accentuate my legs and also highlight whatever sweater I’m wearing that day. I feel like they go with everything and you can wear them on repeat since it’s hard to see any marks. I love these, and these, and these are great too.

5. Slip-On Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are the moveee in autumn. I am a no-fuss out the door in 5 kind of person and when switching from the simplicity of sandals over to shoes, slip-ons are my favorite in-betweener. From quick grocery runs to a dog walk, I’ll throw these on at some point most days. I have worn mine out so am planning to get the wool option for my next pair.

And there you go, the 5 items I’m so excited about wearing again this fall. I just love how fashion changes throughout the seasons, and I may be a little bit biased — but autumn is by far my favorite.

What’s your favorite season to dress in?

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