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The last few weeks I’ve had this feeling, almost like a breeze fluttering through the window to wake me up in the morning, that has been nudging me to return to this space. I’ve been working hard to define what my online presence looks like and how I can offer value to those who choose to read or watch what I post. I am trying to understand how I can best serve YOU while also following my own passions and dreams, and it looks like a lot of different things currently in the form of an “all the ideas” list that’s pages long on my Google Docs.

I’m taking an e-course by Julie Solomon called ‘Pitch It Perfect’ and one of the first activities she challenges us to do is to define our values. So, I naturally wrote half a page of them in my journal and have been going through and narrowing them down to 5 that speak to me. Then, in a moment of serendipity earlier today, I was reading a blog post by the wonderful Jessica Rose Williams where she talks about how her values are her superpower, and it felt like everything I was feeling she summed up perfectly.

Getting to the heart of my values instead of a niche means I can build a multifaceted brand around myself, my story and what I believe in. It feels like a more human way to do things too which feels right and I’m all about doing what feels right. -Jessica Rose Williams

I love that idea, so I thought I would share my values and definitions with you so we can all be on the same page. Then, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll make sure to always write about something that is related within my values. That feels fair, doesn’t it? That even in my ever changing creative journey I choose to stick to those values I hold most dear. It makes sense to me. So, the values below are my working draft. I wouldn’t say they are finished, and I wouldn’t say they will stay the same. But we’re humans right, and those who stay the same never evolve. Never expand. Never become something new. I am always becoming something new, and embracing the heart of who I am right in the middle.

My Personal Values

  1. Authenticity – I will always come from a place of honesty and integrity. Everything I create and share is aligned with how I feel or see the world.
  2. Joy – I want to inspire those who follow me to seek out more joy in their lives through the ideas, thoughts, and content I share.
  3. Personal Growth – I always challenge myself to expand and explore. To reach for the best version of myself I can be, and to hopefully instill that into others.
  4. Compassion – To remember that everything we do can impact people, animals, and the planet. Will my choices help or hurt?
  5. Sustainability – I will align my lifestyle to make sure that I am always choosing what’s sustainable, whether that be for my home, my life, what I eat, and how I live.
  6. Community – *okay, I had to add a 6th just cause I can’t help myself* Focusing on bringing people together and crafting a community around that which matters most to us, and to always be an open space for everyone to feel at home.


What are your values? What are those things you hold tight to no matter the storm? That you can’t help but be passionate about?

Also, if you feel ever so inclined, would you mind commenting down below and letting me know what kind of content you might like to see from me? I want to make posts that you find useful, and so getting your feedback would be really helpful. Thank you for being here, and if you’d like to see more of what I’ve been up to lately you can head to my Instagram page or YouTube channel. I appreciate you!


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