You know that adorable H&M sweater you bought last week, or that Zara dress you got for your first day at your new job? How about that cute blouse you picked up at Old Navy last month?

What if I told you those “not think another second about it” purchases were made by people in developing countries who are working in deplorable environments, many getting harassed daily, and not making a living wage.

Would you think another second before buying that fifth pair of jeans from Topshop?

Now I’ve got a big fat GUILTY sign written all over my face because I’ve done each of those things. I’ve bought clothes upon clothes from Urban Outfitters and Free People without even batting an eye. Until I opened my eyes to the fact that I’m directly impacting the environment because garment manufacturing accounts for 20% of global industrial water pollution and I’m supporting an unethical business approach as over 50% of garment workers are not paid a minimum wage. And… I’m calling myself out! I don’t want to be a part of this anymore. I don’t want to be the reason someone can’t feed their family, or why our earth is looking at potential salt-water fish extinction by 2048.

I want to tread lighter on this planet, not lead it to its own demise.

Holy moly, this is a heck of a lot for an instagram caption, huh? But it’s important to me. Over the past couple months I’ve been buying pieces that are timeless, like this beautiful @babaa sweater and finding amazing secondhand shops like @noihsaf.bazaar.

I’m committing to buy from sustainable, ethically produced brands, wear what I already own, and shop secondhand as my new rule. I would love to share more about my journey, so comment if you’d like to see more posts like this or better yet, JOIN ME in my quest for a happy future. Let’s be part of the solution. ❤️

And of course there will be times when I see a Gap t-shirt on sale and am dying to have it. But think twice about where it’s coming from.

Is your need for style worth it?

That’s what I wrote on my Instagram a couple weeks back.

And it’s because I’ve had a shift.

I wouldn’t say it’s changed my life, but instead it’s just opened my heart a bit more. Pried back whatever was covering my eyes to see. I’ve realized that my ideals for wanting to change have to eventually become my choice for wanting to change. Don’t just say you’d love to eat a more plant-based diet; do it. Don’t just say you want to invest into slow, ethically-made fashion brands; do it. I’ve realized that I am the QUEEENNN of wanting to live by a better mantra or mission, but so many times I allow a misstep or uncertainty take me away from the goal.

“Oh, I’ll try it again next month.”

“I’ll just do that thing I said I’d do tomorrow.”

“I’ll live the way I preach after…”

And it goes on and on and on forever in a circle until I fall flat. It’s time that stops.

So I’ve been sharing a lot more on my Instagram about things that truly MATTER to me. Because what’s the point of all of this if we don’t have a purpose? My purpose has always been to align my life with the best way for me to be myself while also encouraging/inspiring/sharing with others how they can do the same.

The shift has begun…

and this time I’m not going to let it fizzle out because truthfully, there’s no more time. The time is now.

Let me know in the comments what content you’d enjoy seeing more of! I’m super excited to have you here.

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